Al-Quran relief in the tomb

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Of Sulaym ibn Sa'id ra, Rasulullah SAW said: "Nothing is more important helper in rank in the sight of Allah on the Day of Judgment than the Qur'an. Was not a prophet, not the angels nor the other."(Abdul Malik bin Habib-Sharh Ihya).
Bazzar narrated in the book La'aali Masnunah that if someone dies, when people are busy with the burial shroud and preparation at home, suddenly a very handsome man standing at the head of the corpse.
When the shroud began to clothe, he was in between the shroud and the chest.

Once buried and people began to leave, there came two angels. Ie angels Munkar and Nakir handsome man who attempted to separate it from the body in order to facilitate the question and answer.
But the handsome man says: "He was my best friend. Under no circumstances I will not leave. If you are assigned to ask him, do you guys work. I will not part from this guy so he putin heaven. "
Then he turned to his friend and blessing: "I am the Qur'an that you sometimes read aloud and sometimes in a low voice. Do not worry after facing Munkar and Nakir this question, you will not have trouble. "
After the angels finished asking questions, he spread out the bed and filled with silk tapestry of Mala'il A'la kasturi.(Association of Charity Overdust: 609)
Allah akbar, there was always a thrill of emotion after reading this hadith.
Hopeful vibe and of concern. Vibration hope because of course we read the Qur'an expecting to be our advocate in the day that there is no defense.
Vibration at the same time fear, lest the Qur'an will sue us.
God ... please accept our recitation of the Qur'an, blanks shortcomings.
Many riwaya stating that the Koran is the giverintercession which Allah is granted.
Efforts to obtain the intercession of the Holy Qur'an certainly closer to the Qur'an.
One very good way to "force" us to close the Koran is to memorize it.
With the intention of memorizing the Quran as if our hearts will always be called upon to hold the Koran.
There is a responsibility that makes us feel "guilty" if it does not hold the Qur'an.
While it may just end up membacanya.Pada we like it or not "forced" to draw near to the Koran.
Can be said to memorize the Qur'an we have bound ourselves to the Qur'an.
No matter how busy we are, we are forced to close the Koran. And it was not among the "imposition" of the mayhem.
But benevolent coercion.

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