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Do'a Qunut

According to the language, meaning kunut prayer. Meanwhile, according to Islamic law, certain dhikr kunut is read after i'tidal (before prostration) padarakaatterakhir in certain prayers, such as morning prayers and Witr prayer at night during Ramadan (which is read starting from the mid to the end of Ramadan). 

In fact this was the sunna prayer kunut read at stricken Muslims, danger or catastrophe. Kunut read at such a time is called kunut nazilah, which is read at each obligatory prayer. pronunciation kunut prayer is: ALLAAHuMMAH DINII FIIMAN HADAIT. WA 'AAFINII FIIMAN' AAFAIT. WA TAWALLANIIFIIMAN TAWALLAIT. WA BAARIKLIIFIIMAA A'THAIT. WA QINIISYARRA MAA QADHAIT. FA innaka TAQDHII YUQDHAA Walaa 'ALAIK. INNAHU WA LAA YADZILLU WAALAIT MAW. Walaa YA'IZZU MAN 'AADAIT. TABAARAKTA RABBANAA WA TA'AALAIT. FALAKAL hamdu 'Alaa QADHAIT MAA. ASTAGHFIRUKA WA ATUUBUILAIK. WA sallallaahu 'Alaa SAYYIDINAA MUHAMMAD1NIN NABIYYIL UMMIYYI WA' Alaa AALIHII WA SHAHBIHII wasallam. means: "O Allah! Give me a clue, as people who have given you a clue! And grant me health, as people who have given you health! And lead me , as people who have led you! And grant me the blessing on the gifts You have given! And protect me from the evil that You have something set! Because Thou art verily the All-Determining Substance, not a Specified Substance That! And really, who insulted takakan You have been given the power! And would not you noble people who have hostile thou, O our Lord, Glorified and Exalted! Then m; kk Thy praise for what you decide! nun I memos. pardon to thee, and tools repent to You! And may the blessings and salvation remains terlimpahkan to our prince, the Prophet Muhammad, the unlettered Prophet (illiterate), his family and friends "

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