Heart lake

Islamic Stories

One day a wise old visited by a young man who was dogged by problems. Without wasting time the boy immediately told all his troubles. Wise old man just listened carefully, and then he took a handful of powder of bitter and asked the young man to take a glass of water.

In his sprinkle the powder into a glass of bitter, and stirred slowly. "Try drinking this and tell me how it feels," said the old man.
"Bitter, bitter at all," replied the young man as he spat to the side. The old man smiled, and invited guests to walk to the edge of the lake behind her house. The two men walked side by side and eventually got to the edge of the lake's calm reply. Once there, the old man returned a bitter powder sprinkled into the lake, and he stirred it with a piece of wood.
"Try to take water from the lake and drink".
When the boy drank the water, old man again asked him, "How does it feel?"
"Fresh", said the young man.
"Do you feel bitter in the water?" Said the old man.
"No," replied the young man.

The old man laughed out loud and said: "Young man, listen carefully. The bitterness of life, is like a handful of bitter powder, no more no less. The amount and taste the same and indeed pahitnyapun will remain the same. But the bitterness that we feel greatly depends on the container we have. The bitterness will be based on a feeling where we put it. So when you feel the bitterness and failure in life, there is only one that you can do; Exert your chest to receive these things, luaskanlah heart to hold any bitterness. "

The old man then returned advises: "Your heart is the container. Feeling is that place. Kalbumu is where you hold everything. So do not make your heart like glass, make like a lake that can accommodate any bitterness it, and turn it into a freshness and peace. "

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