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How to kill angel Azrael charitable deeds depend on the person concerned, if people are going to die is disobedience to Allah, the angel Azrael to take his rough life.conversely, when the pious people, pulling them gently and with care. However, the separation of life with sports events remains extremely painful.Prophet Muhammad said:"Had it breathe his last, about three hundred times the pain hit sword".(HR.Ibnu Abu Dunya)
In the story of Prophet Idris AS., He is an expert on worship, powerful prayer to tens were raka'at work in day and night and always dhikr in the day-to-day preoccupations.Notes Prophet Idris AS is very interesting angel of death (Azrael). He was then pleading to God, in order to be permitted to visit the Prophet Idris AS the world. Almighty God, grant requests angel Azrael, he went down to earth with incarnated as a handsome man, and a visit to the Prophet Idris AS."Hello There, O Prophet of Allah". greetings angel Azrael."Wa'alaikum Rahmatullah wa salam" replied the Prophet Idris AS.He did not know, that man's visit to his house was the angel Azrael.As with the other guests, the Prophet Idris AS Izrail angels serve, and when it arrived during Ramadan, the Prophet Idris AS him go along, but it was rejected by the angel Azrael. Finished fasting, such as are usually timed "facing" Allah until the next day. All that did not escape the attention of angel Azrael.When Prophet Idris AS continuous dhikr in performing day-to-day busyness, and just talk a fine.On a clear day, the Prophet Idris AS walk the "guests" that kesebuah plantation where the trees are fruiting."Allow me to Pluck these fruits for us" begged the angel Azrael (test Prophet Idris AS)."Good Heavens", said the Prophet Idris AS."Why?" Angel Azrael Feign surprise."These fruits are not ours", said the Prophet Idris AS.then he said:"Last night you reject the food is halal, now you want the forbidden foods".Azrael Angel did not answer. He was intrigued with his guest, then the Prophet Idris AS asked:"Who are you really?""I'm an angel Azrael" replied the angel Azrael.Prophet Idris AS shocked, could not believe her body instantly bergeter helpless."Are you coming to take my life?" asked Prophet Idris AS seriously."No" angel Azrael respectful smile."For God's permission, I just made a pilgrimage to you" replied the angel Azrael.Prophet Idris AS nodding, some time later he was silent."I have no desire to you" AS Prophet Idris said."What's that? Say!" replied the angel Azrael."I beg you willing to kill me now, then ask God Almighty to turn my back, in order to increase of my fear Him and increase of charitable Devotions." pleaded Prophet Idris AS."Without the permission of God, I can not do it." reject angel Azrael.At the same time Allah ordered angel Azrael order granted Prophet Idris AS. With the permission of Allah SWT angel Azrael immediately kill him, after he died roomates.Azrael angel cried, he plead to Allah that Prophet Idris turn the U.S. back.God Almighty to grant his request.Once granted Allah, Prophet Idris AS alive again."How does it taste death, my friend?" asked the angel Azrael."A thousand times more pain than animals are skinned alive" replied the Prophet Idris AS."My way of gentleness that, I just did to you". said the angel Azrael.Mashallah GOD, weak soft angel of death (Azrael) that the Prophet Idris AS ....What if my breathe his last, it comes to us???We are ready to deal with it?"People who are intelligent people who remember death. Due tokecerdasany he will prepare all the Necessary supplies to menghadapiny "Rasulullah SAW said.:"Which follows three people died there, his family, his property, andCharity. The second one back, and one fixed (attached).family and his property back, and roomates remainsAccompanying is charity. "(HR.BUKHARI-MUSLIM)


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