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 Formerly the Kaaba was built by Abraham assisted his son, Prophet Ishmael. Now the pilgrims from all over the world, many flocked to the Grand Mosque for the Kaaba tawaf on.
The story of the beginning of construction of the Kaaba terse but in the time of Prophet Ibrahim. In the Qur'an Allah Almighty says,
إن أول بيت وضع للناس للذي ببكة مباركا وهدى للعالمين
Meaning: "Verily, the first house built for ² (place of worship) man, Baitullah is that at Bakkah (Mecca) blessed and a guidance for all mankind ...!" (Surah Ali Imran: 96).
Scribes say that first house of worship was built in Baitul Maqdis, therefore denies Allah SWT.

Verse that is the Kaaba asbabul nuzul of development.
It is said, that Abraham took his wife Hagar and his son Ishmael to Makkah region. At that time in a state Hajar breastfeeding her son. Prophet Ibrahim then put Hajar and Ishmael in addition to a large tree.
At that time, in that place was Uninhabited and dry. Abraham then left both are armed only with some Dates and water-filled vessel.
When Prophet Ibrahim was about to depart, Hajar Followed him, saying, "O Ibrahim, where are you going ...??? Are you going to leave us, but in this valley no one and no food whatsoever ...!" ² Hajar said in many, but Abraham was not ignored.
"Is that God commanded you to do like this ...???" (Hajar asked.)
"Yes ...!" (Nabiyullah Ibrahim replied.)
Hajar then said, "Well, He (God) will not let us ...!"
Prophet Ibrahim reached Tsaniah area, where seemingly no longer by the family that he left behind.
There Prophet Ibrahim prayed, "Our Lord, indeed I have put most of my offspring in a valley that has no cropping abhorrent you near the house (Baitullah) were honored later. Our Lord, roomates is such that they establish the prayer, then make the hearts of some men growing niche to them and give their sustenance from the fruit's ², ² 's easy ... they are grateful! "
When their water supply runs out, Hajar was looking for water for her and her son. He went to the hills Safa find Whether there is one there. however, he did not find siapapin there.
Hajar was then going to Marwah and seek ² people there and it turns out he did not find anyone. Hajar repeated ² goes from Safa to Marwah, then instead of Marwah to Safa to 7 times.
Hence in the pilgrimage is no such thing Sai, ran a small roomates ² of Safa to Marwah and vice versa up to 7 times.
Until at Marwah, Hajar silence her voice heard. It turns out the noise was coming from the Angels. The angel then scavenge the soil until water comes out. (There is another report that said that the water Appears, whiplash zam water feet ² Prophet Ismail who was a baby then, Allaah knows best).
Subsequently he was down, filling the vessel and back again he watered his son, Ismail. After some time passed, there was a group of tribes Jurham come to the venue. They live around the water zam ² with Hagar and Ishmael. This is all they are doing with the permission of Siti Hajar.
Prophet Ismail grew up and learned Arabic from the Jurham tribe. He also married one of their women.
On one occasion, the Prophet Ibrahim came wanted to see as his son Prophet Ismail. When he was sharpening his arrows, Abraham came. Prophet Ismail got up immediately greeted and hugged each release they missed.
"O my son, Allah commands menjalanakan me ...!" (Says the Prophet Abraham.)
"Do what you are commanded by your Lord ...!" (Prophet Ismail said.)
"Are you going to help me ...???" (Asked the Prophet Abraham.)
"I would have helped you, O Nabiyullah ...!" (Exclamation Ismail.)
Prophet Ibrahim then pointed to the pile of soil that is higher than the surrounding and said, "God told me to make a home here ...!"
It was then that the two work together to raise the foundation of Baitullah. Ismail Began hauling stone, while the Prophet Ibrahim put it up. After a high-rise building, Ismail brought a stepping stone to the Prophet Ibrahim. Stones that are then Referred to as a sign of the tomb of Abraham.
Constantly working while saying a prayer, "O our Lord, accept from us (practice), Thou art the Hearing, the Knowing ...!"
Until it finally tuntaslah Baitullah development. Kaaba was finally standing on the earth of Allah SWT.
(This time Abraham received the command of God, my wife and kids were not Able to Prevent it. Evidently she left her child in a lonely valley did not have the heart to heart though., But that's the order of God, should always be adhered to).
Kaaba. The house of God, the House will be kept until the Day of Judgement. Evident when there is the king who wants to destroy the temple, but on the way they were ambushed by Troops from the sky.
Surat Al-Fill remember the following:
ألم تر كيف فعل ربك بأصحاب الفيل ألم يجعل كيدهم في تضليل وأرسل عليهم طيرا أبابيل ترميهم بحجارة من سجيل فجعلهم كعصف مأكول
Meaning: 1. Have you not seen how your Lord has dealt with the bergajah. 2. Did He not make their deception (to destroy the Ka'bah) is worth ²? 3. and He sends hello to those birds that flock ², 4. who pelted them with stones (derived) from the burning ground, 5. then He made them like eaten leaves (caterpillars).
What is meant by army soldiers Air elephant is headed by the Governor of Yemen Abraha who want to destroy the Kaaba. before going into the army attacked the city of Mecca birds stoned ² ² small that they disappear....

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