Prayer of Pregnant Women Visiting (Will Childbirth)

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"Heaven on your feet mom"
If there are women who will give birth, so that everything goes well, something bad does not happen, then based shohih hasan hadeeth narrated by At-Tirmidhi, the people who will give birth in the near sunnah it read verse Kursiy, Suroh Al A 'rof verse 54, verse 3 Suroh Yunus, Suroh Al Falaq and An Nas. If there is difficulty in giving birth, then in sunnah prayer read it in:

Hanaoldt Mary and Mary was born IIHS out Aahaalmolod King's ability idol

(Chanaa waladat Maryam, Maryam waladat wa 'iisaa, ukhruj ayyuhal mauluud ​​bi qudrotil Malikil Ma'bud) Meaning: "Sayyidatina Chana gave birth Sayyidatina Maryam, Maryam gave birth Sayyidatina Prophet' Isa, Exit O child was to be born with the power of the Lord yan in worship (GOD)! "

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