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Once when the Prophet was in the Prophet's Mosque, Madinah. After performing the prayer, he overlooks the friends to stay in touch and give tausiyah. Suddenly, a man go to the mosque and praying quickly.
When finished, he immediately facing the Prophet Muhammad and say hello. The Prophet said to him, "My friend,you had not prayed "
Amazement, he heard the words of the Prophet Muhammad. He went back to the place of prayer and repeat his prayer. As before he was praying very quickly. Prophet Muhammad smiled at the "style" prayer like that.

After praying for a second time, he again went to the Prophet Muhammad. So near, he said to him, "My friend, please try again your prayers, you had not prayed."
Again the man was shocked. He's been praying according to the rules. However, he gladly obeyed the Prophet Muhammad. Obviously with the same style of prayer.
But like "usually", the Prophet sent back to repeat his prayer. Puzzled, he said, "O Messenger of Allah, by Allah, who has sent you with the truth, I can not praying even better. Therefore, teach me"
"My friend," said the Prophet Muhammad with a smile, "If you stand up to pray, it was air Takbir, then read Al-Fatihah and the letter of the Koran that you view the easiest. Then, calmly rukuklah (thuma'ninah), then up until you are standing upright. After that, he bowed quietly, then up until you sit quietly. Do it like that at all your prayers. "
The story of Mahmud bin Rabi 'Al-Ansari and Imam Bukhari narrated in his Saheeh This suggests that prayer is not enough to simply "right" movement, but also to do with tumaninah, calm, and solemn.
Would be difficult to achieve spiritual tranquility, if not physically engrossed. In a sense done quickly and in a hurry. Because, by too quickly, one would be hard to live each reading, grammar gestures become imperfect, and lines of communication with God becomes less optimal. When this is done continuously, the function of prayer as a deterrent indecency and evil will lose meaning.
Wisdom Prayer Movement
Before touching the meaning of extraordinary prayer readings, as well as aspects of "spiritual cultivation" that can deliver peace of mind, or "lines of communication" between the servants of the Lord, physically prayer also contains a lot of magic.
Every prayer movement that epitomized the Prophet Muhammad will be full of wisdom and beneficial to health. Condition, all movements are done correctly, tumaninah and constancy (consistently done).
In the book Miracle Prayer Movement, revealed that the prayer movement can flex and turn nervous system is the body's sweat and heating systems. It also opens the door of oxygen to the brain, issuing a negative electrical charge of the body, familiarize capillaries in the brain to get high pressure, and open a vein on the inside of the body (heart arteries).
We can analyze the truth of the word of the Prophet Muhammad in the story at the beginning."If you stand up to pray, then air Takbir lah."
When Takbir Prophet raised his hands up to the shoulders parallel to the (Bukhari from Abdullah ibn Umar). Takbir is done when they wanted to bow, and when rising from bowing.
He then raised his hands when prostrating. What it means? By the time we raised the hand parallel to the shoulder, then automatically we opened the chest, giving the blood flow from the veins in your arms are supplied to parts of the brain to control the body balance, opening our eyes and ears, so that the balance of the body are maintained.
"Ruku was quietly (tumaninah)." When bowing, Prophet Muhammad put both hands on his knees (Bukhari of Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqas). What it means? Bowing is done quietly and maximum, can treat spasticity spine containing the spinal cord (the central nervous man) and blood flow. Bow can also maintain flexibility sweat lever system contained in the waist, thigh and back calf. Similarly collarbone, neck and nerve channel memory can be maintained flexibility with bow. Malleability of memory can be maintained by nerve head with a maximum lifting eyes expecting to place of prostration.
"Then he got up until you are standing upright." What it means? When standing on the raised hands, the blood of the head will drop down, so that the base of the brain that regulate balance decreases blood pressure. It can maintain the balance of the body and nervous useful to prevent sudden fainting.
"After that, he bowed quietly." What it means? When done correctly and old, bowed to maximize blood flow and oxygen to the brain or head, including well into the eye, ear, neck, and shoulders, as well as the liver. Such an effective way to dismantle the blockage of blood vessels in the heart, so the risk of coronary heart disease can be minimized.
"Then get up until you sit quietly." What it means? How to sit between the two prostrations to balance the nervous system and the electrical balance of our body. Besides being able to maintain the flexibility of the nerve in the thigh, knee basin, basin calves, toes up. Subhan Allah!

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