Fasting and Prayer Intentions Ramadan Iftar

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Doa Niat Puasa dan Doa Buka Puasa Ramadhan
Intention Fasting is a virtue that must be done before running fast, because whatever the meaning of something that was done without any intention, with the intention that all the things we intend to do will work as we want, so in other words, the intention is the beginning of everything we will do, as if we intend to do the fasting in the month of Ramadan the fasting that God willing we will start running smoothly in accordance with the intentions that we have done before fasting pilgrimage.

In contrast to the behavior that is not based on the intention, then the results will be less than maximal, whether it can not stand the temptation or even with other things that invalidate fasting, it is in because there is no persistence in the liver to fasting, in contrast to founded with the intention that his heart will be strong and sturdy in the face of all temptation.

Given the significance of intent, then this time will try to write about Fasting and Prayer Intentions Iftar in order to run fast to get perfection, something which is accompanied by the intention of course will get better results than those not accompanied by intention, but do not intend to do good because it will harm and no benefit, for the good of berniatlah against something that we always get the results in accordance with what we are doing. The following readings of fasting and prayer intentions iftar

Fasting intention
Read: Nawaitu saumagadin an'adai fardi Syahri Ramadhana hadzihissanati lillahita'ala.

Meaning: I intend to implement the following day fasting month of Ramadan this year obligation kerana Allah Taala.

After reading the prayer intentions of fasting would be nice if at the time before iftar to read the prayer again so fast that we have done a full day to get perfection and receive the blessings, the following readings or prayer fasting.

Fasting Prayer
Read: Allahuma laka shumtu wabika amantu wa ‘ala rizqika aftartu birahmatika ya arhama rohimin.

Meaning: O Allah, for You I fasted and with Thy good luck I break the fast, great God almighty Most Gracious, Most Merciful.    

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