Four practice was before sleep

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Rasullullah notice to Siti Aisyah ra.

"Yes, Aisha! Do you sleep before performing four cases, namely:

1). Before Finished Reading Al-Quran
2). Before making the prophets to intercede for you on the Day of Resurrection
3). Before the Muslims be pleased with thee
4). Before you perform Hajj and Umrah "

Siti Aisyah asked:
"O Messenger of Allah! how I can implement the four cases at once? "

Apostle smiled and said:

1). "If you are going to sleep, read a letter lah al-Ikhlas three times as if you have been clicking-khatamkan Al-Quran

"Bismillaahirrohmaan irrohiim, 'Qulhuallaahu ahaad' Allaahushshamad 'lam yalid walam yuulad' walam Yakul lahuu kufuwan Munday '(3x)"

2). "Read prayers for me and for the prophets before me" then we'll give you all intercession in the Day of Judgment "

"Bismillaahirrahmaan irrahiim, Allaahumma shallii‘alaa Muhammad wa’alaa aalii Muhammad ( 3x ) “

3). "Beristighfarlah" for the believers, then they will be pleased with thee

"Astaghfirullaahal adziim aladzii laa ilaha illaa huwal hayyul qoyyuum wa atuubu ilaih (3x)

4). And multiply "hymn, bertahmid, bertahlil and bertakbir"
it is as if you have been carrying out the Hajj and Umrah

"Bismillaahirrahmaan irrahiim, Subhanallaahi Walhamdulillaahi walaailaaha illallaahu Allahu akbar (3x)

(Tafsir Haqqi)

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