Lust And his character of existing 7 Kinds

Islamic Stories

1. Ammaroh lust. It's on the left chest slightly.Happy temperament exaggerated, royal, rah-rah, greed, envy, resentment, envy, hate,do not know the obligation, arrogant, haughty, happy nurutin sahwat, tantrums and finally dark does not know the Lord.. 

2. Lawwamah lust. It is located at the heartstrings of milk left in the bottom ofabout two fingers. Indifferent temperament, happy praise themselves, show off, happy for her shame peopleAnother, happy persecuting, lying, pretending not to know the liability..

3. Mulhimah lust. Place approximately two fingers towards milkthe right of the center of the chest. Temperament like giving, humble, accept what is, compassion, weakgentle, humble ourselves, repent, be patient and bear with difficulties and prepared to how heavy and tired fulfilling obligations.. 

4.Nafsu Muthmainnah. Sense of place in about two fingers towards milk daritengah left-center of the chest. Happy temperament charity, resignation, love worship, give thanks to the Lord pleased, pleasedto the provisions of the law of God and fear of God.. 

5. Radhiyah lust. Place in the conscience and in the whole body.
Personal temperament noble, ascetic, lkhlas, Waro, riyadhah, and keeping promises..

 6. Mardhiyah lust. Place in nature vague, leading some two fingers ketengah chest.
Temperament as good manners, clean from all sin, glad to invite and give adviceto all beings..

 7. We are the lust. Place in nature is very vague. Leads in the deepest depths of the chest. Temperament: Science-confident, Ainul-Hakk ul-assured and confident..As explained above, that although mulhimah lust with lustwe're the good-good temperament, noble and honorable, but still have to rely on the Guru Wasithahin practice it. Since it has been clearly agreed upon by the scholarsinner ahlulh that: "LA BIWUSHUULI Ilaihi Illa BI WAASITHATIN".(It will not be able to safely air meeting with the Essence of the almighty God Ghaib if not with intermediaries Wasithah)

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