Scientists Debate & Caliph

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It is said there is a large group of scientists atheists Romans, about to argue with the scholars in a mosque. Goal is to drop and humiliate Islam among his own.
After seeing the mosque was filled with people, take one of the scientists disbelieve it up the pulpit and start challenging people to argue about the existence of God. Among the present rise of a young man between the rows-rows, Abu Hanifah ra he young, he stepped to the podium and said:

"Permit me to Abu Hanifah want to brainstorm with gentlemen" While trying to control the atmosphere, with humility Abu Hanifah said, "Well now what would we argue about?"
The scientists were amazed and proud pagan courage to Abu Hanifah, because he was alone, while they were there a few people.
Begin the atheist asks the question, which is divided into 6 categories:
Atheism: In what year Robbmu born?
Abu Hanifa: He (God) does not give birth and was not born.
Atheism: In what year was he?
Abu Hanifa: He (Allah) is prior to the existence of something.
Atheists: Please give a clearer example of the fact!
Abu Hanifa: What number before number two?
Atheism: Number one.
Abu Hanifa: What number before number one?
Atheism: There is no number (zero).
Abu Hanifah: If before the numbers are not there other numbers that preceded it, why would you be surprised if, before Allah, the Exalted One of the essentials, no one before him?
2. GOD'S INTENT his face?
Atheists: Where Robbmu his face?
Abu Hanifah: If you bring light in the dark of night, where the lights with his face?
Atheism: To all over.
Abu Hanifah: If this is the case with the artificial lights only, what about Allah, the Exalted, Nur of all the light of heaven and earth?
3. SUBSTANCE GOD Almighty?
Atheism: Show us your Robbmu substances, whether he solids such as iron, or a liquid such as water, or evaporate like gas?
Abu Hanifah: Have you ever accompany a sick person who will die?
Atheism: Yes, ever.
Abu Hanifah: first he talked to you guys and moved his limbs movement. Then suddenly silent and did not move. Well, what is causing the change?
Atheism: Because his spirit had left his body.
Abu Hanifah: Is it time release of spirits you still there?
Atheism: Yes, we are still there.
Abu Hanifah: Tell me, if his spirit was solid objects, such as iron, or a liquid such as water, or evaporate like gas?
Atheism: Either we do not know lah.
Abu Hanifah: If you can not figure out how the substance and form of the spirit that only a creature, how can you force me to express substance Allah Ta'ala?
Atheists: Where is approximately Robbmu it be?
Abu Hanifah: If we take a glass of fresh milk here, if you believe that there is fat in the milk?
Atheists: Sure.
Abu Hanifah: Please show me, where is the fat?
Atheism: Blend in all parts of the dairy
Abu Hanifah: If fat including the creature, does not have a special place in the milk, if feasible you ask me to define the place of God Almighty?
5. DESTINY GOD Almighty
Atheists: If everything is doomed before it was created, and what activities Robbmu now?
Abu Hanifah: There His work is described and some are not explained.
Atheists: If there are people to heaven first, why is there no end? Why in heaven forever and ever?
Abu Hanifah: Count numbers initially but there was no end.
Atheists: How can we eat and drink in heaven without a bowel movement and small?
Abu Hanifah: You have to practice it when you were in your mother's stomach. Live and eat and drink for nine months, but never urinate and large there. We do the new intent after a few moments out to the world.
Atheism: Show evidence of Robbmu if indeed he is!
Abu Hanifah ra take clay, clay and threw it into the head of the atheists. The restless crowd saw the incident, concerned the unrest, but Abu Hanifah explains that it is in order to explain the answer in asking him.
Abu Hanifah: Does it cause pain throw in your head?
Atheism: Yes, of course.
Abu Hanifah: Where is the pain?
Atheism: There on the wound.
Abu Hanifah: Show me that the pain was indeed there, new I will show you where Robbku!
Atheists did not answer, of course, can not show his pain, because it is a sense of pain and unseen but it does exist.
The final debate of the atheist scientists are converting to Islam at the hands of Imam Abu Hanifa ra.

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