Story of Barbers

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A story to Tawheed of a barber's and its customers ... GOD is the only ONE. In a sweltering afternoon .. Uthman who felt her hair was long and his right merisih, went to a barber shop for a shave subscription. He then sat down and the barber Uthman began to cut hair .. in the middle of the process of shaving, they talked about many things and various variations of the subject, and a moment later the topic suddenly fixed on GOD . Barber: "I do not believe that GOD exists .."
Uthman: "O so and so what you saying?" Barbers: "Well, look at the streets there for more convince that GOD does not exist, explain to me, if GOD does exist, why there are abandoned children? Why there are still people who are sick and poor? Why there are thieves taxes? Why do I always dogged misfortune? If GOD exists, then there will be no pain and distress, I could not figure out the Merciful GOD let this happen to creatures .. "
Uthman was thought for a moment, but he did not answer for fear of a long debate. Finally after completion, he paid the barber and left. But moments after leaving Barber Shop, Uthman saw someone + frizzy-haired beard (already longish, curly anyway) that her hair is not really well maintained .. He then returned to the Barber Shop and went to the barber. Uthman: "You know what? Actually I do not believe that in this world there's Barbers!", Othman said while yelling.
Barber: "What do you mean?? My barber and I just cut your hair!
Uthman: "No, it is not no barber, barber if indeed it exists, why are there people whose hair is long and shaggy beard, frizzy and unkempt??" Barbers: "Ah, no! Barber was still there, it's their own fault why not look and came to the barber to fix her hair??" Evasive barber Uthman: "Suitable, I agree. Those are the main points!! Same with GOD!" Barber: "You mean you think?" , Barber was confused Uthman: "Actually it's GOD! But what happens now? Many people who do not want to find and come to Him! Adzan Currently, SMS is preferred, currently disseminated Qur'an in the scatterplot, mockery and look down upon people who do. Therefore many people hardship and poverty stricken " The Barbers were dazed .. Inside he muttered "Sure enough he said .. Why I do not want to come and seek GOD .. tuk begged avert all tribulation in this life?" Merenunglah friend, have we admit it? If so, then now is love love GOD with best quality, and do not make him "jealous" because of love - love that is only apparent. "I'm far, far YOU, YOU I close close". and Because He was "The Love Supreme" Datangilah Creator ... because we really - really need it. Hopefully useful, Regards :)

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