The story of the Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

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             On one night the Prophet Muhammad were in Hijir Ismail al Musyarrofah near the Ka'bah, then he was lying between his uncle, Sayyiduna Hamzah and his cousin, Jakfar Sayyiduna ibn Abi Talib, suddenly the angel Gabriel, Michael and Israfil approached him and brought him towards the well of Zamzam, upon arrival and then they lay the body of the Prophet to his chest cut open by Gabriel. In another narration an open evening he saw the roof of the house, then down Gabriel and Gabriel splitting his glorious chest to below his belly, then Gabriel said to Michael: "Bring me a tray with zam-zam water for me to wash his heart and I Relieve chest ". And please note that this does not mean that the liver cleansing Prophet dirty, no, it was created by God's prophet with the most sacred heart and mulya, this is not another to add to the above hygiene cleanliness, chastity chastity above, and to further consolidate and strengthen his heart , because it will make a trip all-powerful and full of wisdom as well as a readiness to meet with Allah SWT. Gabriel then issued his heart that mulya ago menyucinya three times, then brought a golden tray full of wisdom and faith, then poured into his heart, the heart is filled with patience, faith, science and full submission to God, and then closed again by Gabriel. After the animal is prepared for king Messenger Buroq complete with saddle and control, this white beast, bigger than himar lower than the mules, he put his feet as far as his eyes, long ears, if down she lifted her front legs, was created by two wings on the sides of his thighs to help speed. When they want to ride, the Prophet Muhammad was trouble, then put his hand on Buroq face while saying: "O Buroq, do not you feel ashamed, for the sake of Allah there is no God Beings mulya menaikimu more than he (the Prophet)," This hearing Buroq feel ashamed so that the whole body sweat, after a quiet, take up his back the Messenger, and before him many Anbiya "which climbed this Buroq. On the way, Gabriel accompanied him on the right, while Michael on the left, according to the history of Ibn Sa "ad, Gabriel holds Buroq saddle stirrups, while Michael holds the reins. (They drove, Allah SWT natural wading filled with magic and wisdom and mercy Inayah), on the way they stopped at a place filled with palm trees, and then the angel Gabriel said: "Come down here and pray lah", after his prayer, Jibril said: "Do you know where you prayed?", "No", he replied, Jibril said: "You have prayed in Thoybah (another name of Medina) and there you will emigrate". Buroq then departed back to continue the journey, as fast as lightning he stepped as far as his eyes, Gabriel suddenly exclaimed: "stop and get off you and pray was in this place!", After prayer and back up Buroq, Gabriel announced that he was praying in Madyan, on the side of the tree where Moses first shelter under it and rest when Pharaoh's army chased. In subsequent trips down the Prophet Muhammad on Thur Sina ", a valley in the Sham, the place where Moses spoke to God, he was praying in that place. Then he got to an area that seemed to him the castles Sham, he came down and pray there. Then Gabriel told him to say: "You have been praying in the temple Lahm (Bethlehem, Baitul Maqdis), where Jesus was born the son of Mary".
After continuing his journey, suddenly he saw the Ifrit of the Jin were chasing him with a burst of fire, every Prophet turned he saw the Ifrit. Then Gabriel said: "Did I not teach you some words, if you read it will put out the fire and then reversed to face him perish?" Then Gabriel told the prayer to Allah. After that they went on until finally met a people who planted the seed on that day and immediately grew and harvested the same day, each time returning as initially harvested and so on, see this oddity He SAW said: "O Jibril, who are they it? ", He replied:" they are the fi sabilillah Mujahid, who was martyred in the cause of Allah, their kindness multiplied up to 700 times. Then a few moments later he fragrant smell, he asked: "O Jibril fragrance is this?", "This is a fragrance Masyithoh, woman combing Pharaoh's daughter, and her children," said Gabriel. Masyitoh is comber Pharaoh's daughter, when she was doing her job abruptly dropped his comb, he spontaneously said: "Bismillah, woe unto Pharaoh," Pharaoh's daughter heard this asked, "Do you have a god other than my father?", Masyithoh replied: "Yes ". Then she threatened to tell it to Pharaoh. Once exposed to the unjust king, he said: "Do you have a god other than me?", Masyithoh replied: "Yes, my Lord and your Lord is Allah". Knowing Masyithoh strong faith, then Pharaoh sent someone to repossess her and her husband to remain faithful to God in order lapsed, if not then both of them and their two children will be tortured, but faith still lived in the hearts Masyithoh and her husband, instead she said: "If You want to destroy us, please, and we hope that if we bury our slain in one place ". Then Pharaoh commanded that supplied the giant cauldrons of copper and oil filled water and then heated, after really boiling, he ordered that they all be thrown into it, one by one they were martyred, now living Masyithoh and children are still being breastfed in her arms, then the boy said: "O my mother, jump, do not be afraid, you really are on the right path", then in the one throwing her and her son. Then in the middle of the trip, he also met with a group of people that boulder slammed into their heads to pieces, every time shattered, shattered head was back to normal again and so on. Gabriel explained that they are human beings who find it hard to pray obligations. Then he also met a group of people, in front of them there is a good meat that has been cooked, while on the other hand there are more rotten raw meat, but it turns out they prefer remedy eating raw meat again foul, when the Prophet asked about this, Gabriel replied : "They are people who already have the lawful wife for him, but he actually committed adultery (cheating) with an ugly woman (hina), and nor they are the women who have husbands that lawful for him but instead she invites other men to fornicate with it ". As he continued his journey, suddenly someone called him from the right: "O Muhammad, I ask you that you see me", but the Prophet did not pay attention. Gabriel then explained that it was a Jewish call, answer the call if he was then he would become the Jewish people. Similarly, he received a similar call from his left side, which is a call nashrani, but the Prophet did not answer. Our Allah. Then suddenly appeared before him a woman with all the jewelry in his hand and his whole body, he said: "O Muhammad look at me", but the Prophet did not turn to him, He said: "O Prophet it is the world, if you answer the call Your people will prefer the world rather than the Hereafter ".
So a trip taken by him SAW accompanied Gabriel and Michael, so many miracles and blessings that he encountered on his way until he finally stopped in Baitul Maqdis (Masjid Al Aqsa). He fell from the Buraq and tied on one side of the door of the mosque, which is usually the place where the Prophet binding buraq there. Then he entered the mosque with Gabriel, respectively pray two cycles. After the blink of an eye all of a sudden the mosque was full with a group of people, it turns out they are the prophets sent by Allah SWT. Then the call to prayer echoed and iqamah, then they stand bershof-shof waiting who will lead the them, then Gabriel holding the hand of the Prophet and told him to go forward, then they all pray two rak'ahs with the Prophet as a priest. Beliaulah Imam (leader) of the Anbiya "and Mursalin. After that the Prophet Muhammad was thirsty, then Gabriel brought two containers of wine and milk, the Prophet chose a container of milk and then drink it, Jibril said: "Indeed you have chosen kefitrahan namely al Islam, if you choose your wine will undoubtedly deviate people and little is follow your Shari'a ". Then after he perfected everything, then it was time he did mi 'raj that up with Gabriel through the sky one by one until finally met his Khaliq. After doing Isra 'from Makkah al Mukarromah up to al-Aqsa Mosque, Baitul Maqdis, then he accompanied the angel Gabriel is ready to perform Mi "raj which rise through the sky berlapisnya creation of God Almighty until finally he SAW encounter God and talk to Him , the bottom line is he's got orders and people pray five times a day. It's a blessing and a tremendous boon to the people, in which the Prophet of Allah calling him directly to provide and determine the order of worship is very mulya. This may suffice as kemulyaan daily prayers. Other causes are ruled only by religious revelation to him, but not with daily prayers, God calls the Servant of the most beloved Prophet Muhammad to his presence to receive this command. When he and Jibril arrived at the front door of the world sky (the first heaven), it turns out there standing angel named Ismail, an angel is never up to the sky and it is never too down to earth except when the death of the Prophet Muhammad, he led the army of 70 thousand angels, each angel is in charge of 70 thousand angels anyway. Jibril asked for permission to open the first door of heaven, the angels who keep asking: "Who is this?" He replied: "I am Gabriel." Angel asked again: "Who is with you?" Gabriel replied: "Muhammad." Angel asked again : "Did he have been sent (ruled)?" He replied: "Yes". After knowing the arrival of the Prophet angels who live there welcome and praised him by saying: "Welcome, may accompany your salvation, O brother and leader, you are the best of brothers and leaders as well as the main creatures come". Heavens then opened the door of this world ".
Upon entering he met Prophet Adam to the shape and posture as God first created it. The Holy Prophet shaking him, the Prophet Adam answered his greeting and said: "Welcome, O pious son and pious Prophet". On both sides there are two groups of Adam, if you look towards his right, he was smiling and beaming, but if you look at the group on the left, he was crying and grieving. Gabriel then explained to the Prophet, that the Prophet Adam's group on the right is their offspring who will be the hosts of heaven being a candidate on the left is the Fire. Then the Prophet continued his journey in the first heaven, suddenly his sight fixed on the group of people who served and delicious grilled meat in front of him, but they prefer to eat carrion around. It turns out they are human beings like adultery, leaving lawful for them and went to the haram. Then he runs for a moment, and looked in front of him a people with enlarged belly like a house full of snakes, and their stomach contents can be seen from the outside, so that they themselves are not able to bring the big belly. They are people who love to eat riba.Di there he also met a people, their flesh cut into pieces and forced in order to eat it, then it is said to them: "Eat this meat as you eat the flesh of your brother in the world, namely wag". Then he climbed to the second heaven, like a guardian angel before asking such questions in the first heaven. Finally he welcomed the arrival of Muhammad and Gabriel as the previous remarks. In the sky he met the Prophet Isa ibn Maryam and Prophet Yahya bin Zakariya, both almost identical clothes and hairstyle. Each sit with his people. Prophet Jesus qualifies that he berpostur medium, reddish white color, loose hair disheveled as if he had come out of the hammam, because personal hygiene. Menyerupakannya Prophet with his companions 'Urwah ibn Mas' ud ats Thaqafi. The Prophet shook them both, and answered his greeting with greeting: "Welcome, O pious brother and pious Prophet". Then it was time he went to the third heaven, having welcomed by the angels, he met with the Prophet Yusuf ibn Ya "kub. She shook him and replied with the same greeting as greeting the Prophet Jesus. The Prophet commented: "Indeed he has given half of beauty". In another narration, he said: "He is the most beautiful human being created by God, he has outperformed other human beauty is like the light of the full moon light beat all stars". When it arrived in the fourth heaven, he encountered Prophet Idris AS. He got an answer back greetings and prayer are the same as the previous Prophets. In the fifth heaven, he encountered Prophet Harun bin 'Imran U.S., half black and half his beard white again (for gray hair), thick and long. The Prophet Aaron looked around his people were khusyu "listening petuahnya. Having reached the sixth heaven, he encountered some prophets with their own people, there was a prophet to the people no more than 10 people, no more with the people on top of that, there is even a prophet who no followers. Then he passed a group of people who are very much covered the horizon, it turns out they are the Prophet Moses and his people. Then he raised his head he ruled that a noble, he suddenly stunned and amazed because his views were on a group of people very much, cover the entire horizon on all sides, and a voice: "That's your people, and besides them there were 70 thousand people who will enter Paradise without reckoning ". At this stage of the sixth heaven he met Prophet Musa, a prophet with a high posture, pinkish white skin him. The Prophet answered by shaking him and he is accompanied by prayer. After the Prophet Moses said: "People claim that I was his most precious in the sight of Allah man, when he (the Holy Prophet) Allah mulya more than me". After passing through the Prophet Moses, he cried. Then asked about it. He replied: "I cried because of a boy who is sent away after me, but his people more than my people go to heaven". Then the Prophet entered the seventh heaven, where he met the Prophet Abraham was sitting on a chair of gold at the gates of Heaven, leaning back on the Baitul Makmur, gathered his people around him. After the Prophet shaking and answered with a greeting and prayer as well as a good reception, told Abraham: "Instruct your people for many plant paradise, paradise land really very nice and very knowledgeable". He asked: "Is it paradise plant?", Prophet Ibrahim replied: "(Dhikr) Haula wa Laa laa illa quwwata billahil" aliyyil "adziim". In another narration he said: "Say hello to your people and preach to them that heaven is such a beautiful land, fresh water and a heavenly plant is wal hamdu lillah Subhanallah wa laa ilaha illa wallahu akbar". Then the Prophet raised up to Sidratul Muntaha, a huge tree so that a fast rider would not be able to surround the shadow beneath even take 70 years. Of river water gushing beneath the unchanging odor, taste and color, river clean white milk and honey crystal clear river. Filled with emerald jewel decoration and so on so that no one was able to describe its beauty. Then he saw until he was removed in the presence of Al Kauthar lake, the lake belongs to him one day special. After that he entered heaven and saw there a wide range of pleasures that have never seen the eyes, ears heard and went through every human heart. Similarly revealed to him a hell guarded by angels Malik, the angel who never smiled and looked at all the wrath in his face. In one story, after he saw heaven and hell, then the second time he was appointed to Sidratul Muntaha, then he was overwhelmed by the colorful clouds, at this moment step back and let the Prophet Gabriel walked alone, since Gabriel knows only he who is able to do this, meet with God Almighty. After being in a place determined by God, a place that is not a creature allowed to stand there, a place that no one being able to achieve it, he saw Him with his eyes that mulya. At that time, he immediately prostrated before God Almighty. Allah says: "O Muhammad." "Labbaik O Rabbku", word of his. "Ask whatever you wish," he says.
The Prophet said: "O God, thou hast made the Ibrahim Khalil (close friend), you are talking to Moses, You gave Dawud great empire and power, you give the great kingdom of Solomon and then subdued him jinn, humans and devils and wind, You taught Isa at the Torah and the Gospel and you make him able to treat people who are blind and stripes as well as revive the dead ". Then Allah says: "Indeed I have to make you as my beloved". In Saheeh Muslim narrated from the companions of Imam Anas bin Malik that the Apostle of Allah said: "... and then God requires me (and the people) 50 prayers a day and night, and then I went down to Moses (in the sky to six), and then he asked:" What have God appointed for your people? 'I replied: "50 prayer", Musa said: "go back to your Lord and ask for leniency because your people will not be able to do it", so I went back to God in order to be relieved of my people, and commuted 5 prayers (so 45 prayers), and then I went back to Moses, but Moses said: "It was your people will not be able to do it, then ask for waivers once again to God". So I went back again to God, and so then I go back to Moses and to God until God says: "O Muhammad, it is obligatory 5 prayers a day and night, every single prayer as multiplied by 10, then so be 50 prayer". So I tell it to Moses, but still he said: "Go back to your Lord that asks for leniency", so I told him: "I have repeatedly returned to him until I embarrassed him". After receiving this command, then he climbed down until finally buraq back to Makkah al Mukarromah, being at that time had not yet arrived dawn. The next morning he tells this great miracle to his people, then most of them have rejected even say insane prophet and magician, when the first people who justify and believe he is Sayyiduna Abu Bakr, it is worth he holds As Siddiq, not even a little among those who had been faithful, apostate back out of the Shari'a. Really it boils down to is justifying faith and trust and let go of all that was taken and reported Prophet Muhammad, because he could not lie especially in the Proceedings of treason and his Da'wah. The prophet was he who got the title Al Ameen (trustworthy), Ash Shoodiq (always honest) and Al Mashduuq (which justified all his words). Shollallahu "aalihi wa alaihi wa sallam. This is a summary of the journey of Isra and Mi "raj Prophet Muhammad that we nukil briefly from the book Al Anwaarul Bahiyyah and Dzikrayaat wa Munaasabaat, both the work of Al-Imam Al Muhaddits As Sayyid Muhammad ibn al Maliky al Alawy Hasany RA

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