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An imam in London, every day going home from his house to the mosque with the riding public buses. The bus fare paid using the card (card), or directly to the driver because the bus does not have a conductor. After pay, then find an empty seat.
The priests also pay the cost of the driver and then receive a refund, because that day he did not have exact change ... and then sit in the back seat empty.
In his seat he was making change from the driver who turned out to be 20 cents. For a moment she began to think .. This money is returned or not yah ..? Ah just 20 cents this ... ah he (the driver) the unbelievers ... or I enter it into a charity box at a mosque ...?
After reaching the destination, he was about to get off the bus with the bus driver walking past. In his heart still volatile over the money 20 cents, the restored or not. But when it got near the driver, he also reached 20 cents spontaneous and said: "Excuse me, the change was excess money 20 cents".
Unexpectedly .. driver held his thumb and said:
"You succeeded ..!"
"What do you mean ..?" Asked the imam of the mosque.
"Are not you the imam there had been" asked the driver.
"Yes" he replied
Then the driver said ...
"Actually, since some of these days I want you to come to the mosque to learn and embrace Islam .. but the desire in my heart to test you as imam of the mosque, what Islam really was like what I heard: honest, trustworthy, and so on. I intentionally provide excess returns and you succeed. I will convert to Islam ". The driver said ..
How his stunned the mosque imam, while forgiveness many times regretted what had she been thinking. She almost lost the trust only with the money 20 cents. Astaghfirullah ...
Allah Almighty says: "And it was upright the scales fairly and do not reduce the balance sheet" (Surat ar-Rahman [55]: 9).
Prophet advocated Muslims to always be honest because honesty is the preamble of noble character who will direct the owner to the character, as described by the Prophet Muhammad, ... "Surely honesty leads to goodness."
Address the nature of an Islamic honest, scales faith, on religion, and also a sign of perfection for the owner of the trait. Him a high position in the world and the hereafter. With honesty, a servant would reach degrees noble ones and survivors of all evils.

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