When the Qur'an Could Talk

Islamic Stories

First ... when you were kids you like my true friend With wudu 'You touch me in a state of purity I hold you, hold dear and learned I read you softly or loudly every day Each finished thou always kissed me tenderly once ....
Now you have grown It seems that you are not interested in me anymore Do you think I'm reading outdated living history?? I think reading that does not add to your knowledge?? I think just for small children who learn only the Koran??
Now I'm neat once you save Sometimes you forget where store I assume you have jewelry in your house Sometimes I used a dowry so that you are considered pious Or did you make me as an antidote to fear satan
Now .... I eliminated more Left in solitude and loneliness In the closet, in a drawer I buried thee
Time passes too quickly ... I'm getting dull in the closet Covered with ashes and dust to accumulate may eat fleas
Have you ever thought What do you see, read and hear thou than I can give you help?? If you are buried and inspected by His messenger angels Only with the verses of God is upon me was you can survive through
I am your holy book Quran Which is always faithful to accompany you and protect you later Hold and read me again Because of the existing passages to me is the holy verses So that you always remember your Lord

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