Doa Poem Lovers Of Love

Islamic Stories

I watched them in reciprocated intimate corners of the park
I watched them walk in pairs holding hands
I watched them both expressing love to each other in a quiet place or in a crowd
I do not envy their relationship if there is no bond that justifies
That makes me jealous is when romance and harmony that exists in the wedding frame
I'm not jealous because do not like
I'm jealous because I love, I'm longing to feel it soon

I often smile in front of the mirror
Imagine there is a beautiful figure beside amorous embrace
Whisper in your ear, "I love you forever"
I live with day-to-day colorful nan
Share in the joy and sorrow
Thy blessings achieve synergy

I already feel like
I was already feeling inappropriate
So sincerely, honestly and my earnest request
I immediately arrange a meeting with him
My lover kosher for both in love

I have no doubt at all about you
I'm sure you Maha-fulfilling Prayer
So therefore I pray to Thee
In conscious, hope and siapku

Kunantikan good news coming soon
About the right person at the right time in a place
And love is incarnated in the form of halal nan stunning lover


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