How to Cut Nails ala Rasul

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Perhaps among us or most of us , when cutting nails crudely -from left or right hand , just irregular . Although he was seen just a small matter , but sometimes it is a big deal .
In some cases Islamic law , nails should not be ignored by Muslims . For example, when in a state of ihram hajj or umrah fined to pay dam for cutting nails . Similarly, the nail can cause his illegitimate junub ablution or bath , if the water does not get to the nail or obstructed .Several other issues , which relate to the nail from a legal perspective , wisdom cut nails , lengthen and his coloring will be dealt with in this discussion .
1 . Law And Wisdom Cut NailsCutting nails is sunnah practice . As mentioned in the hadith of ' Aisha radhiallahu ' anha : " Ten cases including nature ( sunnah ) : cutting the mustaches , beards , cleansing his teeth , putting water into the nose , cutting the nails , washing the joints , plucking the armpit hairs , shaving ari - ari , purification by water , Zakaria said : " Mus'ab said : " I forgot the tenth but gargle . "
Again this is a form removes all the dirt in the gap nails , especially if the nail is long .
2 . Ways To Cut Nails And Objects
According to Imam an- Nawawi , Sunnah began finger nails cut right through them all and starting from the little finger to the thumb , then the left hand from the thumb to the little finger .
While tools for cutting nails can use scissors , knives or specific things that do not cause harm to the nail or your finger nail clipper .
When finished cutting the nails , you should immediately wash your hands with water . This is because if someone had scratched limbs , in kahawatir it willcauses leprosy .
According to the book al - Fatawa al - Hindiyah the Hanafi school bahawa Makruh cut nails using the teeth will also cause leprosy .
3 . Time Cut NailsAs Anas bin Malik narrated than :
" It has been determined the time to us to trim the mustache , cutting the nails , plucking the armpit hairs and shave the placenta so that we do not let more than forty nights . "
" As according to Imam ash- Syafi'e and scholars of al- Syafi'eyah , Sunnah cutting the nail prior to pray Juma'at , circumcised as bathing , cleansing his teeth , wear fragrances , neatly dressed before going to the mosque for Juma prayers ' at , " ( Hadith narrated by Muslim )
4 . Planting Pieces NailsAs mentioned in the book Fath al - Bari , Ibn bahawa ' ' Umar planting nail cut .
5 . When cutting nails Haid , Ruling And junubAccording to the book of Al - Ihya ' , if a person in a state or berhadas junub great , let him cut hair , nails or something clear cut than her before she showers junub . Because they all the pieces in the Hereafter will be returned to him by the state junub .
6 . Nails lengthen and color ( Cutex )Lengthen the nail and let nature without the cut is an act which is contrary to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihhi wasallam , because he promotes so cut nails . If the nail is left long , undoubtedly many matters that involve law as ablution , bathing compulsory and so on.
As in the case nail color ( Cutex ) , a married woman is forbidden coloring nails if her husband does not allow . While women who are not married anyway , forbidden him paint nails . Likewise, if you dye it done from excrement as it will hinder rather than the entry of water during ablution .

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